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Mining Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Salt and Potash Mine Engineering
Solution Cavern Engineering
Numerical Modeling
Software Development
Mine Sealing and Closure
Environmental Geomechanics
Technology Transfers
Geomechanics Testing
   Mining Engineering

  • Design and analysis of shafts and mine openings
  • Surface and formation subsidence predictions and modeling
  • Rock burst and borehole stability analyses
  • Ground support, grouting and liner design
  • Mine layout and pillar design
  • Site investigations
  • Rock fragmentation analyses
  • Blast design and ground vibration analyse
   Geotechnical Engineering

  • Slope stabilization and retaining walls
  • Rock slope design and stability analyses
  • Design of tunnels and ground supports
  • Design of foundations in rock
  • Design of field instrumentation
  • In-situ stress measurements
   Salt and Potash Mine Engineering

  • Shaft and mine opening design and analyses
  • Subsidence predictions and control
  • Sealing and grouting design
  • Design of roof supports
  • In-situ stress measurements
  • Room closure and failure analyses
  • Brine inflow and gas blowout prevention
   Solution Cavern Engineering

  • Cavern field design and stability analyses
  • Containment integrity predictions
  • Brine-to-gas conversion analyses
  • Prediction and control of subsidence
  • Design optimization of storage and retrieval operation for brine and gas
   Numerical Modeling

  • FEM, FDM and BEM analyses of excavations in geologic media
  • Viscoelastic-viscoplastic analyses including strain-softening and dilation
  • Elastic-plastic and post-failure analyses
  • Simulation of fluid flow in rock mass
  • Modeling of formation permeability
  • Simulation of ground surface subsidence
   Software Development

  • Computerized knowledge-based (expert) systems for site-specific design of rock slope, ground support, blasting, rock sealing, excavation methods, mine layout, solution mining, and gas storage caverns
  • In-house softwares: ROSES (Rock Slope Stability Analysis), BSR (Borehole Sealing Design)
  • Computerized database systems for various geomechanics applications
   Mine Sealing and Closure

  • Design of seal, plug, and backfill for boreholes, shafts, and underground openings
  • Site-specific sealing methods and material selection
  • Seal design for abandoned storage caverns
  • Design of underground dams and bulkheads
  • Mine closure and abandonment studies
   Environmental Geomechanics

  • Mine tailings design
  • Design of underground disposal of toxic and mine wastes
  • Design of landfill, mine waste and tailings liner and surface cover systems
   Technology Transfers

  • Organize short courses in geomechanics and geotechnical engineering as applied to construction and mining industry
  • On-site training to suite specific needs of individual organization
  • Publications: handbooks, textbooks, journals, conference papers
   Geomechanics Testing

                In-situ Testing and Field Measurements
  • In-situ stress measurement and monitoring
  • In-situ rock property measurements
  • In-situ direct shear testing
  • Room closure monitoring
  • Rock bolt pull-out testing
  • Plate bearing tests
                Laboratory Testing
  • Complete mechanical characterization testing: uniaxial, biaxial, and triaxial compression tests, Brazilian and ring tension tests, strength index tests
  • Ultrasonic elastic constants measurement
  • Large and small scale direct shear testing
  • Pore pressure monitoring
  • Fracture toughness testing
  • Fracture profile measurement and roughness characterization
  • Design and fabrication of test equipment and electronic circuits
  • Borehole closure and stability tests
  • Push-out and pull-out tests
  • Hydraulic fracturing test
  • Fracture healing test
  • Cyclic loading test
  • Creep test


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